What we don't know can't hurt us, right? Not true, especially in the case of security, workplace violence and safety compliance. We provide detailed audits helping to determine your current challenges and recommendations to help mitigate risk. 


Construction Site Safety Audits

Construction site safety audits need to be a regular routine on any project, regardless of size. We have provided safety management for multi-billion dollar projects on a full time basis, to small residential projects on a part time bases, and everything in between. Our employees are experienced in the safety field and, most importantly, get along with the crew as most of them started in the trades. Respect for a safety manager is key. If the employees don't have it, they won't listen. We have several optional programs as far as price and audit frequency that can fit any budget.


Manufacturing & Industry Safety

Similar to a construction project, manufacturing facilities must have a standard protocol and frequency for which they perform safety audits. If audits are not being performed and documented, it will be near impossible to change the outcome and culture of a safety program. Audits can be basic safety audits. 


Security Auditing: Municipal, Private, Government, School

Being proactive with your facility and policies as it relates to security is not just for the government anymore. We conduct security audits for all types of businesses where we help determine and assess vulnerabilities and areas of weakness. Most importantly, we help our clients come up with solutions to these challenges after they have been discovered.